New Valorant Cape Town Servers Now Live: Experience Ultra-Low Latency with UrbanX

New Valorant Cape Town Servers Now Live: Experience Ultra-Low Latency with UrbanX

A New Era of Gaming in South Africa

Excitement is soaring high in the South African gaming community as we announce that Valorant’s local servers in Cape Town are live! And there's even better news for UrbanX users; we are here to make this milestone even more momentous for you.

Unbeatable Low Latency - Just Check the Stats

With the new Cape Town servers, latency is a worry of the past, especially if you’re an UrbanX subscriber. Our state-of-the-art network ensures you get to enjoy ultra-low latency, setting the stage for optimal gameplay without lag.

View our live ping page for real-time stats of how our network is performing

Command Your Connection for Even Better Gameplay

You don't just get low latency; you get to control how your connection behaves. Thanks to our unique 'Command your Connection' Discord bot, you can pick from three priority modes—Gaming, Streaming, and Base. Opt for Gaming mode, and you get even more out of these fantastic ping rates, as the bot works to lower ping and stabilize your connection even further.

Flexibility and Control in Your Hands

UrbanX's commitment to flexibility remains as strong as ever. With our month-to-month fibre packages, you're not tied down with long-term contracts. You can enjoy your elevated gaming experience with complete peace of mind (T's & C's apply).

What’s Next for Gaming in South Africa?

Though South Africa doesn't have a Valorant Premier zone yet, these incredibly low ping rates could be a game-changer for the competitive scene. Stay tuned as we monitor Stage 1 data to inform future steps for our region.

Let’s Celebrate This Milestone Together

We couldn’t be more thrilled about this synergic partnership with Valorant’s new local servers. And with UrbanX's unbeatable service and ultra-low latency, the South African gaming scene is set for an upgrade like never before.

Questions? Issues? We’re all ears. Reach out through And don't forget to share your best plays; we can't wait to see you excel in this low-latency landscape!