The Best ISP in South Africa for Gaming is Here! | Patch 1.01

CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege, and Call of Duty are among the few competitive online games with South African servers that reward South African gamers with playable ping. As for Valorant, League of Legends, Apex Legends, and other major Esports titles, South African gamers are not only battling the opposition team but are in constant contention with poor ping. Gamers have had to adapt to playing on EU servers for most of their favourite games as the call for South African servers is yet to be answered. The seemingly endless search for the best ISP in South Africa is yet another struggle as none take gaming as seriously as the players do. Until now.

Urban X is South Africa’s first dedicated gaming ISP

SA players on EU servers know that even the smallest difference in ping makes the biggest difference in gameplay and, when it comes to competitive gaming in South Africa
Every ms counts.

Urban X gives South African gamers the competitive edge by providing the fastest and most reliable connections through a network of lightning-quick fibre providers across the country. Where there is a fibre line, there’s a way for gamers to connect with Urban X. Enter your address into our coverage map to find the best connections at the best price in your area! No fibre in your area? Subscribe to our Patch Notes for first notice when cables are installed and all your latest gaming news.

Already Have Fibre? We Can Do You One Better!

We partner with the biggest brands in gaming to give you the lowest latency possible. Riot, Blizzard, and other top Esports companies have joined forces with Urban X to deliver unrivalled gaming connections for casual, competitive, and professional gamers alike. Switching to Urban X is seamless. We handle the entire process. Simply confirm coverage in your area, choose a package that suits your play style, log a ticket with our team of ISP and gaming specialists, and we will begin your switch over to a better connection. There’s no downtime when switching over, we keep you connected and competing the entire time and notify you as soon as the transition is complete. Though, you will notice yourself when the ping drops and your KDA soars!

The Best Connections No Matter Your Device

PC vs console is a battle for the ages but Urban X delivers our unbeatable fibre deals to South African gamers playing across all platforms. Whether you’re gliding into a battle royale with your fingers strapped to the controller triggers or spawning into Summoner’s Rift and clicking your way back to lane, Urban X provides the best connections for every type of player. 

Streaming Has Never Been Smoother

Playing is only half the fun of having a quick and stable connection. For all your streaming and entertainment needs, our lighting-fast packages offer the highest download and upload speeds for efficient performance, zero buffering, and 4K streaming. With packages up to 200/200 Mbps, Urban X’s Pro offering is the perfect fit for streaming your clutch moments and growing your following. Enjoy uninterrupted live sessions at the highest resolution possible that won’t impact your gameplay.

Give It Your Best Shot

South African gamers have long been at a disadvantage in the competitive and online gaming industry as few big brands are willing to invest in servers for African countries. The need for better ISPs in South Africa is on the radars of gamers across the country as our connection is one of the few things that we, as gamers, have a handle on when it comes to our gaming experience. While most gamers struggle with connection drops and ping rising above the 200ms mark, Urban X gamers have the competitive edge with packages designed specifically for gaming. The uncontended speeds of our connections are made possible through partnerships with the best fibre providers and the companies that make the games we all love and play. Next time you jump into the queue, be sure to give it your best shot with the best connection possible.

Thanks for reading our patch note, Switch to Urban X.

Credit: Urban X Writing Team

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