6 MARCH 2023

Mettlestate and UrbanX are excited to announce their new partnership, which aims at connecting gamers across Mzansi.

UrbanX brings gamers a stable and reliable connection suited to both casual gaming and esports – with no lag, and no limits. UrbanX and Mettlestate have partnered to change the game. UrbanX will be sponsoring Mettlestate’s casual cups, running giveaways, and providing gamers with new and exciting opportunities.

“We are excited about our partnership with Mettlestate and we look forward to building a lasting relationship, cemented by our shared enthusiasm and commitment to supporting and strengthening the gaming community in South Africa,” says Kerry-Ann Smit, Product Manager of UrbanX. “Having a reliable and low-latency connectivity experience is crucial for gamers, especially in competitive environments like tournaments. By partnering with Mettlestate, UrbanX can provide a more comprehensive gaming experience to our customers, which can enhance their overall satisfaction and loyalty. It makes sense for an ISP who focuses on providing gamers a seamless connectivity experience, to align with the leading tournament organiser and gaming specialist in the country. We hope to see more companies recognising the value and potential of the gaming industry in South Africa and investing in its growth. As the industry continues to expand globally, there are more opportunities for collaboration and innovation, which can benefit both businesses and gamers alike.”

Smit is correct in predicting the influence this partnership will have on the community. UrbanX and Mettlestate are dedicated to providing gamers across South Africa with a smooth experience in every aspect in the community.

“This partnership will result in increased opportunities for casual and competitive players alike”, explains Barry Louzada, founder and Managing Director of Mettlestate. “Gamers need to be exposed to the different options for connectivity, especially when UrbanX caters to gamers specifically. It is encouraging to see a FTTH provider dedicate so much energy to our community. They really understand our needs for an enjoyable online experience, and this partnership is only going to enhance the offerings gamers have – from both a connectivity standpoint and that of gaming opportunities.”


For updates on the esports offerings available because of this partnership, check out Mettlestate’s website and social media. Check here for UrbanX’s FTTH and LTE offers.

For more information, please contact Carly Twaddle (senior project manager, Mettlestate) on carly@mettlestate.com