Follow these lekker steps to get a kiff connecky

Frikkie has a nice package!

Frikkie runs fast but his fibre packages run faster. The only question is can you catch it? check out our coverage map to see if you can.

Urban Connect uses glass fibre and light technology that allows you to access the internet like Frikkie streaming fitness videos.

Our connection is fast, efficient and reliable, just like Frikkie on Friday nights. Our connection is lekker jy weet, allowing you to manage multiple devices without breaking a sweat, just like Frikkie.

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Fitness and fibre with

Frikkie likes the "f" word, Fibre. His second favourite F word is Fitness. ​

 Frikkie needs flipping fast fibre to stream his favorite wrestling show and listen to zef treffers on Spotify.


Frikkie's Fibre Deals

If you want Freaken fast fibre like Frikkie and the most Kwaai internet technology then Frikkie's fibre is for you. Choose from a range of Frikkie's carriers and chommies with excellent pricing.
Let’s dice brother!!!


Frikkie is all bout the cash money and saving on the best possible fibre deals, he now has time to use his money on things he loves like dancing lessons with his mom. To find out if you can save on fibre check out our providers and type your address in the map above. If you have any queries or want to find out where Frikkie likes to dance send us a message and we will sort you out.